Cooking with The Cherry Tomato Lady 

"Cooking with the Cherry Tomato Lady" offers a grandmother's mix of memories and recipes. The cookbook dishes up more than 200 family-pleasing recipes along with nostalgic recollections spanning six generations. Readers will find tales of grandmothers who nurtured snapping turtles before turning them into soup and a young girl's first bite of "pizza pie."

Inspired by a grandmother who had a penchant for growing cherry tomatoes, the book is a tribute to relationships kindled in the kitchen. Recipes range from deep-fried Lake Erie walleye and Southern pulled pork to old-fashioned chess pie and tender pineapple cookies. Children's favorites, such as Pronto Pups and Farmer's Sodas, are included.

For anyone who grew up in the 1940s or '50s, the anecdotes, tips and bits of trivia will be a welcome walk down memory lane.    

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Cooking with The Cherry Tomato Lady

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