About the Cherry Tomato Lady


 The original Cherry Tomato Lady, Marie Weghorn Schillo.

Years ago, I dubbed my grandmother, Marie Weghorn Schillo, the "Cherry Tomato Lady" because in her 90's, she grew copious amounts of the tiny tomatoes and delivered them to family and friends for heathful snacks. After she was gone, I adopted the name for myself, continuing her practice and sending seeds to my grandchildren so they could grow their own crops. 

Now, as the reigning "Cherry Tomato Lady," my goal is to "bring families together in the kitchen." I hope I can inspire grandparents to do just that and share their family traditions with their grandchildren. This website, the cookbook, and the bi-monthly newsletter, are tools to help you create a lasting bond with your grandchildren and teach them about family, love, and health along the way. 

Prior to becoming the Cherry Tomato Lady, I was a former LifeStyle editor of the Dayton (Ohio) Daily News and editor-in-chief of the Kettering-Oakwood Times, also in Ohio. As journalism graduate of Ohio University, I started my professional career as a foods and feature writer. I also have been the national vice president of marketing for a healthcare organization comprised of hospitals and nursing facilities in the Midwest and on the East Coast. I am now "retired," and live in Eatonton, Georgia.  

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 Joan Thomas Ungerleider

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